SERS Nanoparticles

We offer our SERS-active silver and gold nanoparticles for sale. These surface plasmon resonant (SPR) spherical nanoparticles are ideal for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) measurements. For solution measurements, an aggregating agent can be added (e.g. NaCl) to promote cluster formation enabling maximal enhancement and resonance at longer wavelengths (e.g. 785 nm). Every batch is tested for optimal SERS activity before shipping.

SEM of nanoparticles on P-SERS substrate


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UV-Vis absorbance spectrum of gold and silver SERS nanoparticles

*UV-Vis absorbance spectra have each been arbitrarily scaled for viewing. Your batch may show some variation as compared to these spectra, however the SERS activity will be unaffected.

Gold nanoparticles: 0.35 mg / mL

Silver nanoparticles: 0.11 mg / mL