Diagnostic anSERS’ unique approach to SERS substrates enables the use of SERS without the format and use limitations typical of traditional SERS substrates. For more information, please refer to our P-SERS™ 2.0 product sheet and our technical white paper. This white paper aims to present some of the most compelling benefits of the P-SERS platform, with accompanying application examples in:

  • Agriculture
    • Pesticide detection
    • Food contamination testing
  • Law enforcement and homeland security
    • Trace detection of narcotics such as cocaine and heroin
    • Trace explosives detection
  • Anti-counterfeiting
    • Detection of weakened/inactive counterfeit drugs
    • Counterfeit perfumes and liquors
    • Detection of taggants at parts per billion levels

These examples are only a small sampling of the potential uses of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy: SERS has the potential to solve a vast array of problems requiring trace detection.



Additionally, the P-SERS technology has been featured in an array of prestigious scientific journals.


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